According to the definition of the American Psychiatric Association (APA 2001), a special learning disability is a disorder that is diagnosed when individuals with normal or above-normal intelligence have a significantly lower level of reading, mathematics, and written expression than would be expected, according to standardized tests, when their age, intelligence level, and education are taken into account. . It includes subgroups of reading disorder, written expression disorder, math disorder, and learning disorder not otherwise specified. In DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), which is the classification system developed by APA, the term “learning disorders” was used, it was stated that this problem should be addressed within the scope of child mental health and diseases, and it was emphasized that special education should be given as a part of treatment.
Individuals with special learning disabilities have problems in one or more of the processes of obtaining information necessary to understand and use the language in written or oral form. Individuals with special learning disabilities are less successful in formal education programs compared to their intelligence level and their peers, since it is a structural problem that negatively affects the individual’s listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, concentration, math, reasoning, motor and organizational skills. This situation negatively affects the education, profession, social relations, daily activities and self-esteem of the individual. Coping with the problems experienced due to special learning difficulties Special education principles, methods and techniques should be applied in order to be able to

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Rabia TEKiNCE, our founder of the Foundation, decides to open an educational center by realizing the gap in the field at the end of what she has learned, her experiences and experiences. After that, he founded the Aegean Autism Association. At the end of all this, the foundations of the Aegean Private Children’s Foundation will be laid..