As a result of disorders in the skeletal (bone), muscle, and nervous system due to any reason in the prenatal, perinatal and postnatal period, physical abilities may be impaired in various ways.

Persons with physical disabilities, who have difficulties in adapting to social life and meeting their needs in daily life, who need protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling and support services for these reasons; The situations that lead to this situation are called physical disability. In addition to cognitive, psycho-social and sensory needs, these individuals, who differ from healthy people due to physical disability and cannot benefit from education services, have movement and physical needs.
Developing functional abilities is also of great importance.

For various reasons, their gross and fine motor development skills were adversely affected, and their ability to perform the functional movements and skills expected of them was restricted to varying degrees.

Here are some of the most common causes that can lead to this situation:

1. Cerebral Palsy
2. Degenerative, Metabolic and
Diseases of Genetic Origin
3. Mental Motor Retardation (MMR) (Mental Motor Retardation)
4. Congenital Arm Paralysis (Brachial Plexus Injury)
5. Spinal Cord Closure Defects (Spina Bifida-Meningomyelocele)
6. Congenital Muscle Diseases
7. Traumatic Central Nervous System Injuries
8. Motor Developmental Delays Caused by Chronic Diseases

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