Pervasive developmental disorder is a general diagnosis group that includes more than one disorder, and it is the condition of having deficiencies in social interaction, language development and behavior that begin in early childhood. Behavioral problems include repetitive, limited interests and behaviors. These conditions affect many areas of development and lead to permanent and chronic dysfunctions. Before 1980, pervasive developmental disorders were classified as a subtype of childhood schizophrenia in the classification of the American Psychiatric Association. The American Psychiatric Association classified pervasive developmental disorders as a group of five disorders in 1994. These are;

1. Autism
2. Rett Syndrome
3. Disintegrative Disorder of Childhood
4. Asperger’s Disorder
5. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (Atypical Autism).

Pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) is a spectrum disorder that includes delays in the development of multiple basic functions such as socialization and communication. The most well-known pervasive developmental disorder in this group is autism. Individuals with PDD should receive a life-long high-quality and qualified special education service, starting from early childhood, including work and vocational education programs in adulthood, and increasing the number of educational programs functionally planned according to the type and degree of the disorder, the age and characteristics of the individual, and their needs. possible through diversification.

Our Foundation

Rabia TEKiNCE, our founder of the Foundation, decides to open an educational center by realizing the gap in the field at the end of what she has learned, her experiences and experiences. After that, he founded the Aegean Autism Association. At the end of all this, the foundations of the Aegean Private Children’s Foundation will be laid..