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Child with Autism
Although there is no clear research, the number of children with autism in Turkey is estimated to be 550,000.
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Child with Dyslexia
“According to official records, there are 41,600 children diagnosed with dyslexia, but the number of children with dyslexia in Turkey is over 120,000 with unregistered numbers”
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Gifted Child
“Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how many of them have been reached and how many of them have been given the necessary training.”
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Every donation you make will be one of the most important ‘moments’ that connect our children to life as individuals.

Our Foundation

Rabia TEKiNCE, our founder of the Foundation, decides to open an educational center by realizing the gap in the field at the end of what she has learned, her experiences and experiences. After that, he founded the Aegean Autism Association. At the end of all this, the foundations of the Aegean Private Children’s Foundation will be laid..