Our foundation’s founder, Rabia TEKINCE, has been doing research on what she can do, like any mother, since the day her son was diagnosed with autism. She communicates with individuals and organizations engaged in health, education and alternative studies related to autism. At the end of what she learned and her experiences, she realized the gap in the field and decided to open a education center. Then, she founded the İzmir-based Ege Autism Association, named his son. At the end Ege Special Children’s Foundation were laid.

In 2019, the association unite their activities
under the roof of Ege Special Children’s Foundation with the motto “Every Child is Special.”

Ege Special Children’s Foundation aims to support all children in need in Turkey in the fields of education, health and society. With the support of many volunteers and donors,ıt continues to perform it’s projects.

Our Foundation

Rabia TEKiNCE, our founder of the Foundation, decides to open an educational center by realizing the gap in the field at the end of what she has learned, her experiences and experiences. After that, he founded the Aegean Autism Association. At the end of all this, the foundations of the Aegean Private Children’s Foundation will be laid..